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The program of the Opening of the Lisbon Tarot House (Inter Tarot House)

This event was basically a celebration of the beginning of this new project that aims to encourage contact and collaboration between professionals and all people interested in the Tarot and in disciplines related to it.

We emphasized the possibility of all those present to meet each others, exchange views, clarify doubts, open new possibilities for developing ideas.
Special invited guests are people with rich experiences and were be open to share them. So, it was an oportunity to talk with Vera Faria Leal, Luis Resina, Maria Morais, José Abrantes and me (coordinator of the Tarot House).

After this first contact it was presented the project of a new deck, the Never Ending Tarot (Tarot Interminável). This deck is being developed with the collaboration of many artists from different fields (painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, comics ...), some of them already created several tarot cards. Two of these artists were special guests at this event, and it was an interesting opportunity to meet them and their work.

This was followed by the intervention of special guests that could not be in place, but participated via telephone and internet (Skype videoconferencing). Rachel Pollack spoke to the participants.

Everyone present received a dossier with information about the Lisbon Tarot House and a printed card from the Never Ending Tarot choosen for this event. Several persons had the luck to receive a card of the Never Ending Tarot autographed by the artists who created them.

At the end of the event, some stayed to have dinner and talk, in the restaurant of the Casa do Alentejo (House of Alentejo).

Joao Caldeira - coordinator of the Lisbon Tarot House - Tarot reader and psychologist - contact: (+351) 960094558 or email


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