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Luís Resina

Honorable Member of the International House

Date of Birth: 16 October 1954

Since 1975 he was dedicated to the study of Symbolism, History of Religions and of the so called Hermetic Sciences. He attended the course of Philosophy at the Faculdade de Letras in Lisbon, when he started to dedicate to the practice of Astrology.

The interest in Astrology came through the study of Fernando Pessoa’s work, also na investigator of the Esoteric and Astrological, and also for the need of finding a path to self-knowledge.
His studies in Astrology began through a small course at the Rosicrucian Centre in Lisbon, in 1978.

Since then, he’s been doing research work in Traditional Astrology, Humanist, Trans… and Jungian.

Luis Resina has been a participant in several newspapers, magazines, radio talk-shows and he is, for several years, professor (teacher) and spokes-person of Astrology as themes related to the New Era.

In 1985 he directed the newspaper “Aquarius”, a quarterly publication of esoteric nature.

In 1987, he participated, as speaker, in the International Congress of Astrology at Rio de Janeiro. That same year, answering an invitation from Maria Flávia Monsaraz, he associated to the Quiron Foundation, at the Portuguese Center of Astrology, where, since the beginning, he promotes research and astrological counseling as well as speeches and seminars.

In 1996 he founded the newspaper “Urânia”, a quarterly publication with subjects related to Astrology and the New Era.

In 2005 he was founder of the Holistic Project "Quinta dos Lobos"; In 2007 he founds the on-line newspaper “Milénio” and in 2008 he creates the Organizing Committee of the 1st International Congress of Synchronization with Planet Earth.

In 2009 he was a speaker at the Earth Congress 2009 with the theme: "2009 to 2012 Interpret the Cosmic Influences: Alignment of the Earth and the Sun with the Galactic Centre".

Site of Luís Resina (portuguese) and Center


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