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Constantino K. Riemma

Honorable Member of the International Tarot House

He was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil on october 2, 1939. The heldest of seven  siblings is now married and has three children . He started working when he was 20 on a sports newspaper and then dedicated his professional  career to human resources, the understanding of the educational process and education as individual development. His interest on astrology started on his 30s after reading a text from Ouspensky,  a new approach that led  him to reevaluate his  values.

A few personal references taken from Constantino K. Riemma blog:

"The idea of creating a virtual space for Tarot Club came in 2005, when i organized the Major Arcana Jorney, every Mondays, during the second half of 2005 until February 2006. The purpose was to do a multidisciplinary study of the tarot cards using different areas of knowledge and different ways on interpretation.  

Many people showed a great interest and excitement for these meetings and they had  the opportunity to share their experience.

Many of them wrote texts on the subjects they talked about. Then i dedicated myself to the compilation of the texts and I created the site, that continued to grow with the participation of numerous authors who joined the project.

I chose the name ‘’Club’’ in regard to the diversity and even contradictory use of the cards.

Further more, the idea of ‘’club’’ suggests a living space, a place to share different concepts where listening and the accepting the differences is the main purpose. The term "club" also serves to make use of the effort and knowledge of authors or professionals, gathering information in one big platform instead of many different personal sites. it’s a virtual space, coordinated by a volunteer with contributions from other volunteers.


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