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Vera Xavier

Honorable Member of the International Tarot House

7 years ago life surprised me and suddenly I was given the opportunity to be free,  and  not having a schedule, hierarchies, or a job description.

I started working with Tarot, I fell deeply in love, and today even though I teach, I continued reading and  searching, to keep developing  my knowledge. I have an eternal passion for Tarot, and also for Theosophy and all the philosophies in the world.
I have always been curious on these subjects so I continue to read voraciously everything I find on religion and esotericism. It is easy to understand that this is the a good way to learn.

I invested in my training.

I soon realized that not many people have the deep knowledge and understanding of this Oracle,  its dimension and magnificent symbolism.

The tarot is often misunderstood and poorly studied.  The psychoanalyst ‘’Carl jung’’ wrote about the Tarot Archetypes, what demonstrates it’s importance and value as an auto-discovery tool.
Then I had the great opportunity of writhing for the website SAPO, where I met very distinct colleagues. It was a gift from heaven!
So I started this path and very slowly conquered my place. Today I have a million readers per month on this website.

I am the living proof that we can do miracles with our lives.

Vera Xavier -


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